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 The Cruise Wizard Helps Pick the Line to Suit you Best!

Let the Cruise Wizard help you pick a cruise line that will be most to your tastes, from small ship to large, from non-stop action to fabulous elegance. 

The Wizard can even show you itineraries on most recommended lines.

To get started, all you need to do is answer the Wizard's four simple questions!

1. What's Your Style?

<<<< More Elegant


More Action >>>>

No Preference Elegant, Refined, and Understated, with White-Glove Service An Upscale but Active Atmosphere Non-Stop Action, Las-Vegas-style Glitz, and Late-Night Parties

2. Small Ship or Large?

<<<< Smaller Ships


Larger Ships >>>>

No Preference Small, Intimate Ships with Visits to Harder-to-Reach Ports
(Around 350 or Fewer Passengers)
Mid-Sized Ships with Good Facilities and Amenities
(Around 1,000 Passengers)
Mega-Liners with Maximum Facilities and Amenities
(Around 2,000 or More Passengers)

3. Do You Enjoy Dressing Up, or Hate It?

<<<< More Formal


Less Formal >>>>

No Preference Formal, Sophisticated Atmosphere A Mix of Dress-Up Opportunities and Resort Casual Dress Completely Casual,  Perhaps No Jacket or Tie Required

4. Are Kids a Factor?

<<<< Less Kid- Oriented


More Kid-Focused  >>>>

No Preference Not Kid-Oriented Kids OK, Perhaps Ship-Sponsored Activities Extremely Family Friendly, Kids are a Focus


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